When involved in a complete renovation, we often find that we’re tasked with creating kitchens for everyone from amateur chefs to seasoned entertainers—and space is usually the element that it is lacking. But don’t fret, Degraff Construction is amply qualified to help design your kitchen. 

Consider a Mirrored Backsplash.

Mirrors are particularly useful when there is no, or very little, natural light in a kitchen. They can help to free the space up and bounce the light around. Some designers have been known to use antique mirror tiles instead of traditional tile for a backsplash, or they’ll place an antique framed mirror above a stove. It’s better to look at than a plain wall.

Light Colors Help to Visually Expand the Space.

The lighter the kitchen, the larger it can feel. Sometimes, if there is a good view out a window, it’s good to focus on bringing the outdoors in and using nature to dictate the palette. Keeping an exceptionally light palette on countertops, backsplashes, walls, and millwork also helps a small kitchen feel more open.

Open Shelving Keeps the Space Light and Airy.

This has not always been an easy sell, but in the end, most clients could not be happier, about the concept. Open shelves are extremely functional and make it so much easier to obtain dishes and glasses. You should think about your kitchen architecturally, as it doesn’t always make sense to have upper cabinets. Especially if the ceilings are ten feet high. Also, consider taking off the doors of your cabinets to keep the space open and airy.

Use Pattern in Unexpected Places.

The floor—an often ignored area of a kitchen—is the perfect place for a high-impact design element. A patterned floor will give the illusion of a greater expanse to the space. We like mixing it up with either chevron or herringbone wood-floor patterns or even using hand-painted cement tile for a more bohemian vibe.

Do Not Skimp on Lighting.

You can never have enough lighting in a kitchen, and always down-light with decorative fixtures over the island and prep station, maintaining that good lighting, and plenty of it is incredibly relevant while cooking. Use flush or recessed fixtures, and don’t forget about under-cabinet lighting.

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