Storms, hail, scorching heat, and tornado season is a fact of life for most Midwesterners. All of these weather conditions can impact the quality and safety of your roof.

The cumulative effect of all these annual and relentless weather events can cause leaks that create significant roof damage and can impact your home’s interior.

To keep up with the demands of the seasons, make sure you follow these tips on what to do after storm damage happens to your home.

Safely Assess The Storm Damage

Before inspecting the exterior of your home for damage, make sure the storm has passed and it is safe to be outside. If you see downed power lines, electrical hazards, or flooding, keep away from the area and call 911.

Even if the coast is clear, continue to be aware of potential hazards— if you can’t see the damage from below, it’s best not to climb up on the roof yourself. You should call a professional to come give an official roof inspection.

Start The Process of Replacing or Repairing Your Roof

Once you suspect there is damage to your roof, it’s time to begin collecting estimates from contractors. At DeGraff Construction, one of our expert roofing contractors will set up a meeting with you to assess the damage, work through financial options, discuss warranties, and help you pick the appropriate materials used in your roof repair.

File Your Insurance Claim

It’s easy to put off filing a claim because there are a lot of things to deal with after a storm. But there is a statute of limitations on insurance claims and storms and it’s a good idea to get the filing in sooner rather than later. The roofing companies are going to be busy and you want to be on their repair list right away as well. You don’t want another rain storm to roll through and have a roof that needs repairs, causing more damage to your home or roof.

If you have roof damage due to a storm, our Joplin MO-based roofing company is here ready to help you. Simply give us a call today for a roof repair estimate!