Are you dreaming of a new kitchen, an updated bathroom, or about adding a room to your home? Or perhaps you’re in the process of building your dream house?

Before you can start any of these projects, you need to find the right local contractor for the job.

With so many options out there, this can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to help you choose the right local contractors for any remodel job.

Use the Right Search Engine

Before you can choose the right local contractors for your home remodeling project, know where to look for.

You could go to Google and type in “local contractors.” But while Google’s algorithms will bring you a few local businesses, it will also bring you plenty of others that are far away.

Find a Specialist

Different types of work you need to have done around the home require a different type of contractor.

No matter the type of work you want to do, there’s at least a few local contractors out there who would be great for the job. The trick is finding them.

Narrowing your search is the first step.

Start by making a list of contractors that specialize in the project you need. This includes finding contractors with experience in kitchen remodeling, for instance.

Or you can research those who are great at carpentry if you’re thinking about putting in new cabinets. Look for bathroom specialists if you’re dreaming of an updated master bath.

A local Joplin contractor like DeGraff Construction, which has advanced experience in designing and renovating kitchens, would be a better choice for kitchen remodeling than one specializing in exterior renovations.

Even a highly rated local contractor might not be the right choice if he has no experience with the type of project you have in mind.

Check the Reviews

Once you’ve narrowed your search, assess your options.

Start searching for online reviews of any contractors that you’re considering. Do more than just skim the first two or three reviews though. A couple of happy clients doesn’t necessarily mean that the contractor is a good choice.

Those good reviews could be from friends of the contractor. Or they could have had a small project that went well, while the contractor has botched bigger projects.

The same goes for bad reviews. Don’t assume that one or two mediocre reviews mean that a contractor is a bad choice.

Those bad reviews could be from homeowners who wanted impossible projects completed on difficult deadlines. Or they could be hoping for a discount from the contractor to change their opinion.

Read a variety of reviews, including both good and bad. This will help you make an informed decision.

Screen Potential Contractors

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to contractors with great online reviews, it’s time to start screening.

This is an important step. Websites allow you to book services online, and can make it tempting to skip this step. But resist the temptation.

Reviews could be biased. A language barrier could make it tough to communicate. Or you may learn that the contractor is too busy to take on your project.

Screening each potential contractor with a phone call before you commit will help ensure that you’re not headed for disaster.

Meet in Person before You Commit

If you want to really be sure that you’re choosing the right person, go one step further than a phone call screening.

When you’ve narrowed your search down to one or two people, schedule a meeting with them. This is not only great for learning about the contractor, but it also gives them a chance to learn about you.

You can discuss your ideas in depth, learn about any options you have, ask questions, and talk specifics. Meeting in person means less risk of confusion, which can help your project go more smoothly.

If a contractor doesn’t want to meet you, think twice about choosing him. If he’s too busy to meet or doesn’t seem to want to take the time to discuss the details, what will he be like later on?

Get Everything on Paper

Now that you’ve narrowed your search down to a single contractor, there’s one last step you need to take to ensure your remodeling is a success.

That step is to get everything down on paper before you start handing over any form of payment.

Your contract should include everything from the materials you’ll get to what will happen if an unexpected issue arises.

Having everything on paper protects both parties, so a good contractor will be onboard about setting guidelines before starting a project. Talk with them about what their contracts normally include, and express any concerns you may have about other details that could be added to it.

Finding the Right Local Contractors for the Job

Choosing the right local contractors for your home remodeling project can be the difference between a finished product you love and a costly headache.

But with the simple tips on this list, you can search for contractors the easy way and find the best match.

Ready to start searching for contractors for your kitchen, bathroom, or other remodeling projects? Contact DeGraff Construction in Joplin MO today!