According to the calendar, the new year is well underway, bringing winter with it. Leaves are still falling and the temperature in many parts of the country has dropped immensely. We all know what that means – WINTER is in full swing. The changing weather conditions can wreak havoc on your wood fence if you don’t take precautions. The time is now to best prepare your wood fence for the coming winter weather.

Here’s how to prepare your wood fence for winter:

  1. Shore up weak spots. Take a walk along your fence and shore up any weak spots – damaged pickets, protruding nails, decaying posts, etc. This will help your fence stand up to inclement weather.
  1. Waterproof your fence. If your wood fence isn’t waterproofed or hasn’t been waterproofed in years, do it now. It will help prevent rain, snow, and moisture from soaking into the wood. You can waterproof your fence by applying a waterproof paint, stain, or sealer.
  1. Clear leaves from the fence. Move leaves and debris away from the base of your fence. Leaves and debris trap moisture, which can eventually lead to rot.
  1. Remove low-hanging branches that are looming over your fence. Strong wind and heavy snow could potentially cause them to fall on and damage your fence.
  1. (Bonus tip – do it before the next snow falls)

Preparing your wood fence for the winter season is important, and proper wood fence care and maintenance throughout the year is essential to protect your investment and keep your wood fence lasting for years.

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