At DeGraff Construction we specialize in all your home remodeling and handyman work. Nothing too large or small for us. Our expertise and specialization will absolutely make you feel comfortable. We want nothing more than to shelter your loved ones with a home everyone enjoys and feels comfortable in. We are a family operating business in the Joplin area.

Residential Construction

We can build from the ground up. Literally! Here at Degraff Construction, we specialize in residential construction. We can work with you on your residential construction project. We have an experienced team that will get the job done right. Have repair work that needs to be done? We can do that too! 

Bathroom Design

A bathroom provides a place for you to get cleaned up and ready for your day. Does your bathroom need an upgrade? We have done all kinds of bathroom designs and are experienced in creating the kind of bathroom you will love. 

Duplex Build

Duplexes come with many advantages. If you are interested in the advantages of building a duplex, we can let you know. We have experience in building duplexes and can give you advice if you think a duplex build might be the right move for you.

Fencing Design

A good fence can add something special to the look of your home while keeping pets in and pests out. We have designed many a fence in our years of construction work. Whether you are needing a completely new fence or an upgrade to your old fence we can help. 

Kitchen Design

The kitchen is often where some of the greatest memories are made in a home. Family dinners and events often start with preparing good food. Why not have a kitchen that will allow the memories to be even greater? We can fix up your kitchen and bring it to life, or build an entirely new kitchen for you. Whatever the job looks like, we can get it done. 


While the foundation and structure of a house keep it standing strong, a roof is a key element you want to hold well to ensure your safety. There is a reason the term having a roof over your head is often a phrase used to insight gratefulness. It protects you and your family and shelters you from the weather. At Degraff Construction we can upgrade your roof to ensure the best shelter within your home. 

Contact Us

At DeGraff Construction, we offer a free initial consultation and estimate to find out if we are a match for you. We look forward to establishing a relationship for current and future remodeling and construction projects. Contact us with any questions you have. Call (417) 483-9159