A bathroom redesign is no simple task. There are many decisions to be made and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. However, before getting worked up about the time and demand that it would take to accomplish a task such as this, let us show you why DeGraff Construction makes this process as simple as can be and so 2w easy for you. With many years of experience, we have become experts at giving you the bathroom you desire in the most appealing and space-efficient way.

The Architecture of the Room

When looking at contractors to aid with your bathroom remodel, both of you must understand what your expectations are for the ending result. DeGraff Construction always finds a way to give you the aesthetics you’re in search of, while also doing so in a practical way for the space provided. The layout is a big factor for your bathroom. While things like toilets, sinks, and bathtubs may need to be placed strategically around piping, you have a larger range of options when it comes to lighting and storage. As previously mentioned, DeGraff Construction is well versed in bathroom redesigns and can help give you the lighting and features you’re looking for. With their knowledge of storage space, they will also be able to provide you with cabinets you’ll love!


Another big factor that has to be considered when remodeling a bathroom is the overall cost and time needed to complete the task. While many companies steer away from giving estimates before completing the job, DeGraff Construction values your budget and wants to help you get the most out of your redesign for the lowest cost possible. Their ability to improvise and make small changes that will end up saving you money, in the long run, is one of their main goals. Unlike other contractors, DeGraff Construction values your time, meaning they get the job done when you need it done, with the highest quality of work.

Are you ready to begin your journey into redesigning your bathroom? Through DeGraff Construction, you can get the bathroom you’ve always wanted! At a price that won’t break your budget! The workers here at DeGraff Construction have an eye for innovation and space efficiency. With years of experience, our professionals can get the job done with precision. When you decide it’s time to remodel your bathroom, give DeGraff Construction a call at (417) 483-9159 or visit our website at www.degraffconstructionllc.com to see for yourself why they’re the best Joplin, MO has to offer.