A bathroom makeover is an exciting and fun home project to take on, and an activity you may be considering now that we’ve been spending more time at home. In order for your makeover to go smoothly and stay within budget, it requires a clear plan and established design. A bathroom makeover may be just what your home needs, but it’s no easy undertaking. Here’s some advice for a bathroom makeover so you can successfully bring your vision to life.

Have a Plan Before Beginning your Bathroom Makeover

Don’t start your bathroom makeover until you have everything you need. Hire a company that specializes in your type of project and don’t sign a contract until every product, color, and layout is exactly what you want. Bathroom makeovers are often messy, time-consuming, and can be expensive. Choose wisely and go with something timeless.

Renovating an existing space or building a brand new bath is a major investment of time and resources. While the Internet provides access to every product and service that you could ever need for a bathroom makeover, the amount of information available online can be overwhelming, contributes to unrealistic expectations, and elevates stress levels. Those pitfalls can be avoided when you rely upon a professional who designs bathrooms and knows how to make order out of chaos.

Design an Open & Functional Space

To make your bathroom feel bigger, think light, airy, and clean lines. Start with light monochromatic colors, run the tiles from floor to ceiling, add mirrors to the wall, install a glass shower door, backlight the mirror, install a pocket door, and use high gloss paint to reflect light. Beautiful modern cabinets are a perfect anchor piece for the mood of the bathroom. Whether you want walnut, painted, or high gloss cabinets you can make this room functional and beautiful for any time of day.

Choose Long Lasting Surfaces

During your bathroom makeover, choose the right surfaces for your bathroom. These surfaces should not only contribute to the overall aesthetic, but they must be able to handle plenty of moisture. Porcelain tile can be one of the best options when it comes to walls and flooring, because it resists staining, bacteria, and odors. Choose larger tiles to minimize grout lines and make upkeep easier.

Create a Relaxing and Rejuvenating Space

Breathe some new life into your bathroom. Having a tranquil and relaxing retreat where we can recharge and get away from it all is so important. Choose colors that are soothing, and maybe add some greenery to make everything feel fresh. A deep soaker tub along with a steam shower may create the perfect escape and be a great addition to your bathroom makeover. 

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