Thinking about getting a new fence? Here are five important things to know before you make your decision!

Let it Set Before You Seal

Once the fence is installed, it’s important that you let it dry out. There are certain moistures and finishes that the manufacturer applies to the fence, and if you try to stain and preserve the wood ahead of time, the product you apply probably won’t be absorbed by the wood. Remember: Painting needs to be done every few years. Another way to get the fence to last longer is just to apply clear wood preservatives. If you want, you can stain the fence. All of this will help the longevity of the fence.

You Have to Protect a Pool

If you have a swimming pool, you must have a fence. Most local codes will dictate that you have a fence that’s at least four feet high with a self-closing gate.

Hang it on Solid Hinges

When people try to build gates themselves, they inevitably undersize the hinges, and the gates weigh too heavily on them. You have to know that the hinges and the posts are going to hold the gate. If you have a pressure-treated gate, which can be very heavy (and when it rains, the wood absorbs water and gets even heavier), you must set the posts much deeper and with more cement around them. In short: make sure the hinges are properly sized to hold enough weight.

Step the Fence Up the Hill

One of the trickiest installations is when you have a change in elevation. If you have to step the fence, set one section at one height and keep moving up as you go along. If you’re going uphill or downhill, you’ll need to account for this and do it in full increments or half-feet.

Don’t Overspan Your Sections

After you have the post set, depending on the type of fencing, you’re going to bring the sections in and attach them between the posts. Since the sections usually come in 6- to 8-foot lengths, you don’t want to set the posts any more than 8 feet apart. If you set them too far apart, the section is without any type of support, so there’s a good chance it will be susceptible to wind damage.

There’s a lot to know before installing a fence and sometimes it may be best to bring in the experts. For a fence installation estimate, please contact DeGraff Construction in Joplin at (417) 483-9159.