Many people put off building their dream homes in the hopes that a better time will arise. The problem with this is the fact that there is no better time than the present. DeGraff Construction believes that with the current climate, the section of the state their customers reside in, and the projected housing market makes now the best time to take action and build a new home for your family. Climate When considering the aspects that are involved within the development of a house, climate is a huge factor to the amount of time construction will take. Residential construction is done all year round. However, this time of year is prime condition to contractors, due to the somewhat static climate. Summer is ending and fall is approaching. Rain is minimal and cold temperatures are still months away. With this being said, now is the perfect time to start the blueprints of your dream home, climate being a contributing factor to the optimal timing. Joplin, MO Currently, Joplin, Missouri is growing with very little signs of slowing down. Being placed in a spot that offers the city vibes while also being few miles from the outskirts of farmland makes this part of the state a highly sought after destination for settling down. Based on comfort, friendliness, and the overwhelming sense of care, DeGraff Construction wants to give you the home you’re looking for. Offering you endless opportunities, Joplin and the surrounding area is a great place to build, no matter your stage in life’s journey. Are you ready to take the plunge and start developing your dream home? With DeGraff Construction, your premier residential contractors in Joplin, MO you can have the house you desire without breaking the bank. Offering affordable options and the willingness to accommodate to your personal needs, DeGraff is excited to help you along in your home building journey. Give us a call today at (417) 483-9159 or visit us at for schedule your consultation today!